Crystalusion – the global business that’s chosen Croydon as its base to grow

Liquid glass innovators Crystalusion have based their global head office in Croydon.

Unless you work in the mobile industry, you might not recognise the name Crystalusion, but there’s a chance that you’ve got one of the company’s products in your pocket right now. Launched in 2011, they have developed a revolutionary ‘liquid glass’ device protector that employs nanotechnology to make screens more resistant to scratches, grime and bacteria.

Crystalusion’s is a state-of-the-art, 100% invisible ‘one size fits all’ solution that can protect any multimedia device – vital to the telecoms industry, as with the constant evolution of mobile devices, accessories can often be unavailable at the time of launch. It was recently named the most Innovative Product of the year by unanimous vote at the 2017 Mobile News Awards, the biggest event in the UK mobile industry. The innovation provides an alternative solution to the unattractive – and often difficult to maintain – plastic films or bulky screen protectors, that protect devices at the cost of the appearance intended by the manufacturer. Last year the business, which already has representatives in more than 20 countries and sells to more than 50 markets worldwide, chose Sussex Innovation Croydon as its base of operations to start scaling up its global head office.

“We were at a point where we were ready to expand, and were getting priced out of the kind of space we wanted in central London, in terms of size and quality,” says Ravi Daswani, COO and Co-Founder. “We started looking at Croydon because it would give us great transport links with Gatwick – which is crucial for an exporting business like ours – and an ambitious talent pool on our doorstep, who wouldn’t be a long commute away from the office. Pretty soon it became clear that it was the ideal place for us for many other reasons. It’s an exciting place to be in the middle of right now, with a rapidly growing economy and evolving cultural scene. And we’ve felt the benefit of being part of a broader tech ecosystem here. Particularly as we’re based at Sussex Innovation Croydon, there’s a very engaged community of interesting people and businesses here, and everyone is always willing to collaborate and share ideas.”

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Source: The Croydon Citizen