Annual summit demonstrates the strength of Croydon’s tech community

Croydon Tech City held a summit for tech-based businesses to intermingle and to plan for a better future.

Several technology based businesses gathered last week on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Croydon’s future. Entrepreneurs set up booths showing off their most recent innovations. The overall excitement for new technology charged the event with creativity and ambition.

On 14th June, the annual Croydon Tech City summit was held at the Croydon Conference Centre. Influential developers, investors, executives and the general public were invited to partake. Many of them were representatives of local businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. Attendees came to learn more about tech culture and specifically Croydon’s unique tech ecosystem. The summit began with introductions of the Croydon Tech City staff such as Sarah Luxford, the Head of Relationships, and Nigel Dias, the Co-Founder. The other Co-Founder and Director Jonny Rose was unable to attend the event due to illness.

Luxford kicked things off by introducing the “queen of startups” Bindi Karia. Karia has been part of the London tech scene since 2000. Her long history in tech has given her valuable knowledge to share with a relatively new tech culture such as Croydon’s. “I’ve seen all different types of tech start ups since I started. I’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs over the years and now I’m building my own advisory. I know how scary it is to be an entrepreneur, so much respect to what you all do,” said Karia. Karia gave an information-packed presentation to the attendees based on The Boulder Thesis by Brad Feld. Feld’s thesis is based on the core characteristics necessary to unleash the power of a startup community.

The summit also included five panels, which each featured a unique group of people from the tech industry or local government. Participants gave their perspective of tech culture from several different sectors. The audience was invited to ask questions and share their own knowledge on the mentioned topics.

Croydon Tech City has had an extremely positive effect on the tech scene in Croydon and it continues to build a strong ecosystem. Testimonies on the benefits of Tech City from local businesses and entrepreneurs can be read on page 19 of this month’s print edition of The Croydon Citizen. Many Londoners and entrepreneurs now see Croydon as the “Silicon Valley of South London.” Nigel Dias concluded the summit by outlining the sentiment of the Tech City ecosystem. He emphasised the importance of the tech community working together towards success. The sharing of knowledge seems to be a factor in Croydon’s future. “Croydon has a great tech scene and it’s nice to come here and listen to it, but we also encourage you to go out and explore it,” Dias said.

Source: The Croydon Citizen