A board game café is going to open in Croydon this summer

A game-changing café is coming to Croydon where fun has its own menu alongside the coffee and cakes.

The Ludoquist, in Surrey Street, will be a “board-game café” serving up a choice of hundreds of games – as well as food and drink. Guests will be able to drink and dine while the dice roll and cards are dealt, with conversation and fun at the heart of what the café hopes to offer. Patrons will be confronted by a vast wall stacked high with around 700 board games when the venue opens this summer. Visitors will then be shown to a table, with craft beer, coffee, snacks and meals on offer – as well as a menu dedicated to helping customers select their ideal game. Expert waiting staff passionate about the array of board games in their café will also guide guests towards the entertainment which will suit them best, like sommeliers suggesting wine.

Café founder Nick Smith, who used to work in IT, is passionate about providing a place where people can meet and interact without screens. “It’s about sitting down with people, interacting with them directly across the table for however long you play,” he said. “The people we are going to have working there are big fans of games. They will help customers decide which game is best for them, so if they want to bluff with their friends, work together or do battle, they can find the game that provides that. Our staff will know the games, and be able to teach the rules to guests at their tables. We will have your standard games like chess, all the way to modern games such as Cards Against Humanity. There will be around 700 different games on our wall by the time we open, so there will always be something to try.”

A test run of the café attracted 65 players, and it is hoped the demand is there in Croydon for this kind of unique eatery. The Ludoquist will serve “bowl food”, easily edible sharing dishes such curries and stews, as well as standard café fare such as paninis. Coffees, cakes and even craft beer will also be available. The exact location on Surrey Street and an exact opening date this summer are yet to be confirmed.